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“Spring culture” that reflects the history “Snow resort” which boasts to the world With the incessant efforts and thoughts of the predecessors, there is now “Nozawa Onsen”, and with that benefit we are still able to do business. At the same time, we were able to support a large number of customers who love the local people and “Nozawa Onsen”, and thankfully we were able to welcome the 50th anniversary since the establishment of the company in 1964. We will continue to grow as a company that can contribute widely to the region while conveying the pleasures and appeal of “Shinshu” including “Nozawa Onsen” as the first priority to “Provide customers with security and security” .

Company name Nozawa Onsen Kotsu Travel&taxi
Foundation April 1968
Business Transportation (taxi, bus, tour) (1) General Passenger Passenger Car Transportation Business (2) General passenger passenger car transportation business (3) General charter passenger car transportation business (4) Travel agency agency business
Head office location Nagano Prefecture Shimokitai-gun Nozawaonsen village Oaza Toyosato 9258-8
Tel 0269-85-3333
CEO Ryo Sugiyama
Capital 10 million yen
Number of employees 12

※As of Nov 31, 2021

  • のざわ温泉交通株式会社
  • のざわ温泉交通株式会社
  • のざわ温泉交通株式会社
  • のざわ温泉交通株式会社